Terms of Use

Terms of Use

AreDoBe.com (Site) is owned and operated by and under the name of Andee Lew LLC dba Are Do Be and will be referred to as ADB in our Terms of Use.

Are Do Be is a site for people to access information and place orders for products offered for sale by sellers and vendors who sell their products on AreDoBe.com

The use of AreDoBe.com is governed by these terms and conditions and the PRIVACY POLICY. Please read the Terms of Use carefully. Your use of this site indicates your acceptance of the Terms of Use.

You the user indicate your acceptance of these Terms of Use by accessing, using and/or placing an order for products using AreDoBe.com or any other web address affiliated with ADB.

ADB may make changes to our site(s) and/or these Terms of Use at any time without your permission or consent. These Terms of Use shall replace any terms or conditions you may have whether or not they are signed by ADB. ADB may occasionally make changes to our Terms of Use. By using our site after these changes have been made, you the user are agreeing to our new Terms of Use.

By creating an account with ADB, you the user are responsible for the security of the information you provide, including login and password.  reserves the right to terminate your account without reason or notice. 


ADB or any of the sellers on our site may display logos, advertisements, trademarks, photos, or any other content on our website and are our property or the property of their respective owners. Any information displayed or used on our site whether by ADB or the sellers is to be used only for personal, non-commercial purposes, such as to obtain information regarding a product and/or place an order using our site. Any other use of the information provided from our site is prohibited.

ADB does not accept responsibility for any products sold by our individual sellers. The individual sellers on ADB are responsible for any products they sell.  All brands, products, or services sold on ADB are trademarks, patents, licensed, copyrighted, or other intellectual property of the of the respective owners or third party providers. ADB does not affiliate with the sellers or sellers products on AreDoBe.com. The sellers on our site are individual businesses, organizations, or individual people selling their own products either made and sold by the respective business or acquired through a third party.

Illegal Use

You must not use the ADB site or any content from our site in any manner or for any purpose which is illegal. All content obtained from our site without permission and used in an illegal manner is subject to a legal litigations.



ADB may use hyperlinks to sites operated by third parties including social media, merchant services, or seller’s websites. These hyperlinks are provided for convenience only. You are responsible for deciding whether you want to use the linked site and do so at your own risk.


You may be asked to input information about yourself on different areas of the site. If so, we will only use that information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


Applicants to Sell on Milky Soul

Applicants may apply to sell their products, that they own or have permission to sell, on AreDoBe.com. ADB is not obligated to accept any applications from any business, person, or organization to sell on our site. If application is accepted, you are agreeing to use our site and follow by, but not limited to, ADB rules under Seller Products, ADB Steals, Return/Exchange, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use. ADB may terminate your account without notice or consent.

Sellers must also follow by these Terms of Use. We will not tolerate any obscene, crude, or distasteful photos or content. ADB may use any content you upload to the site for any advertising purpose we may choose.



If ADB merges with, sells to or otherwise changes control of its business or the Site, we may, without giving you notice or seeking your consent, transfer or assign to a third party, personal information, content and rights that ADB has collected from you and any agreements it had made with you in connection with your use of the Site.


The failure by ADB to exercise or enforce any right or provision under these terms will not constitute a waiver of the right or provision. Any waiver of any provision under these terms will only be effective if it is in writing and signed by ADB.



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